Barry Long Books in window display,
 Watkins Books, London, 1998


Our backlist is our front list. We don't just push the latest

All titles are kept in print. As we work on three continents
   there may be an occasional break in the supply chain.
   Should your distributor be unable to supply you please
   contact us immediately.

Our books are the kind that get read over and over.
   Readers recommend them to friends.

The books should be seen as a series leading people
   further into self-knowledge. Readers will generally buy
   more than one Barry Long Book, when given the chance.

The books tend to sell on their titles and content as much
   as the name of the author. We have sold many thousands
   of copies to people who can never have previously heard
   of Barry Long. Foreign editions have sold strongly where
   he is completely unknown.

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Barry Long Books are for people

- who question the values of the world
- are wary of becoming self-absorbed
- appreciate straight-talking
- want the unvarnished truth
- reject the elaborate or clever
- love the essential and simple
- are more than merely interested
- have a passion for life
- shrink from compromise and hypocrisy
- are aware of a lack of love somewhere . . .

BESTSELLERS   Meditation A Foundation Course has consistently achieved the same
annual volume of sales in UK and Australia since the mid-80's. Its strong sales
in the USA have from time to time been matched by the audio book 'Start
Meditating Now
'. Similar sales are achieved by each of the foreign editions.

      Making Love - Sexual Love The Divine Way is a surefire seller, supported
by its reputation and word-of-mouth recommendations. It has become a radical
text-book for the 'neo-tantra' movement, though Barry Long himself is quick
to point out that he does not wish to be associated with those' tantric schools'.
His original message is for all men and women who want to transform their

      The Origins of Man and the Universe is Barry Long's major work, deserves
shelf-space and will always find its reader.

Knowing Yourself and Only Fear Dies are the ones that readers most often
write to us about to say 'Thank you. This book has changed my life'.

The Way In is the one book that covers the whole range of Barry Long's
teachings and is the essential introduction.

  BARRY LONG BOOKS   is an imprint owned by The Barry Long Foundation International and published
in Australia, United Kingdom and USA. Barry Long Audio is the imprint for
our Audio Books.

Our titles are published for sale in the Mind-Body-Spirit sections of bookstores.
We are a very small organisation responding to a very great need for serious
books of this kind. The major commercial publishers in the field are necessarily
driven by certain fashions of general appeal and push the latest twist on an old theme. Books such as ours are not nine-day wonders. They appeal to people
who want straight answers to perennial questions and clear unbiased advice on
how to make a real change in their lives. These people are always there, looking
for books like ours, generation after generation. We are in business to serve them.

Our readers are men and women of all ages and come from many backgrounds.
They are not usually people with large collections of New Age material on their shelves. They have generally found the traditional religions wanting and have
little time for intellectual philosophy. They may be readers of J. Krishnamurti or
the Gurdjieff Work, or of writers such as Ken Wilbur, Andrew Cohen, Eckhart
Tolle, Byron Katie and the like. A significant number of them have been influenced
by Osho.

We only publish books by Barry Long. That does not mean we are cultish vanity publishers. We publish the books because we know their value and there are
many people who evidently agree and want to see the work in print - an increasing readership in many countries.

Barry Long is a pioneer ahead of his time. It was always hard for men like him
to get a hearing in the wider world. That's why we publish his work now, and look
for the widest readership.


© The Barry Long Trust