Barry Long develops the theme very crisply and in neat, short chapters. Many
of the remarks are often very cutting. Though disturbing to some, the message is clear and is like a shock therapy, meant to wake us up from the pseudo-sense of security and belief that all is well. This is a book to be highly recommended.

Yoga Today UK - Review of first edition

This book challenges the reader to find out what lies behind the appearance of certain things. . .
The message is a clear one - to realise your own self awareness you must be
able to distinguish that which is false and discard it . . . The beauty of this book
is that Barry often encourages the reader to question their thoughts. Each chapter
is designed to allow the reader to accept or reject Barry's propositions as they go.

The Planet Australia

Barry Long writes as he speaks - clearly, directly, coolly and as simply as is possible, given the somewhat complex nature of his subject, i.e. enlightenment
or self-realisation. . . Each step shines a different light on your approach to your own self. . . I have always enjoyed reading Barry Long's work. I enjoy his
capacity for writing simply, without embroidery, on very complex and sometimes puzzling argument and material. His stories are interesting parables. But most
of all I appreciate the authenticity of what he says. The impression is given of someone who 'knows', rather than someone who just thinks and surmises.
There is immense strength in this small book.

Nova Wholistic Journal Australia

This book is an exceptional testament to the process of spiritual self-realisation. . . and will speak to anyone who has already started that questioning of life which
as at the beginning of every spiritual journey.

New Age Guardian Australia

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