From an article in which the reviewer compares six popular meditation guides, including those published by Piatkus Press and Element Books:

'Meditation A Foundation Course' by Barry Long - I found that this was the most useful book on meditation. It's short and to the point and there are no fluffy bits. Long gives it to you straight . . . There are no guided meditations through
enchanted gardens in this book, no candles, not a whiff of incense and alarmingly few words on the page - because as soon as you stop reading you're going to
have to start practising . . . His meditations are simple, which doesn't mean they
are easy. So don't let your mind complicate it!

Spark Magazine UK

I have recently taken to lending copies of this book to some of my patients, especially those who ask how they might help themselves. In osteopathy we understand how important it is to 'give the body back to itself'. The value of this book is that it gives not just the body but the whole person, body and mind,
back to themselves. Most of the people I have lent the book to go on to purchase
copies for themselves . . . It is a book I cannot recommend highly enough. If
you have ever thought about taking up the practice of meditation then this is
one of the simplest and most straight-forward guides you will come across. If
you already meditate you will still find this book of considerable value as it will
give you a new perspective on the subject. If you meditated in the past but
gave up then this book may well give you the answer to the problem that led
you to give up.

Newsletter of the Osteopathic Association of Great Britain

'Meditation- A Foundation Course' is an integral and valuable guide to achieving
true meditation. This European and Australian best-seller tells you why meditation
is important and puts to rest misinformation and misconceptions about meditation. . . It eliminates the religious, occult and psychic overtones once associated with meditation and sets forth a clear and concise ten-lesson program to help the
reader become the master of his mind. Barry Long shows you that by gaining control of your mind, you can eliminate the ifs, shoulds, doubts and fears that
trap us in half-lives . . . 'Meditation A Foundation Course' is a must-have, must-
read guide-book to serenity!

Metaphysical Review

A selection of comments from the many reviews of this book:

An extremely accessible manual, avoiding any confusing metaphysical trappings
in what is essentially a simple technique that anyone can learn. . . Recommended for both beginners and practised meditation students for its gentle but firm wisdom.
New Age News Australia

A no-nonsense approach for beginners and valuable for anyone who already meditates.
Kindred Spirit

An excellent method . . . The exercises are invaluable . . . Try it. It works!
Science of Thought Review

A must for people new to meditation or those who have found difficulties. This course is practical and concise; refreshingly simple but effective.
Yoga and Health

Barry Long's method is very straightforward and easy to follow. He enlists the student's own powers of observation and understanding and the exercises he suggests can be practised in everyday life.
Healthy Living

A simple and sensible approach.
Yoga and Life

A simply written book by which you can teach yourself in the privacy and comfort
of your own environment.
Yours Magazine

Barry Long's approach to meditation is simple but precise and very appropriate
for the western mind. If you have tried visualisation, mantras, chants and other popular forms of meditation but have still not achieved the desired goal of
stillness, then this book will enrich your existing skills, or even give you a totally new approach to your goals.
Earth Mother

A very readable, no nonsense book on meditation with little esoteric lingo.
Nova Holistic Journal

This is a teaching stripped of all mystique and jargon, told by someone with an obvious aptitude and sincere desire to pass on the lessons he has learned from
his own path. From my own experience in both practising and teaching meditation
I have no hesitation in recommending this book.
Adelaide Ray

This is practical and effective meditation: effective because Barry Long has practised what he teaches, giving the lessons that authority of self-knowledge.
Nature and Health

This book is one of the best practical guides to meditation on the market.
New Age Guardian

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