In responding to each letter Barry Long lovingly challenges men not to dismiss,
but to re-examine in a spiritual context their fundamental need for the love of women. He also speaks about how this love can be used to strengthen each
man's connection with the great mystery.

While steering well clear of 'fancy mind-bending and entertaining doctrines', Long urges his readers to find their own way by considering their own experiences and realities with courage and intelligence.

It is refreshing to read someone who speaks lovingly and is not afraid to say 'should'. While urging people to find their own source of inner wisdom, he is bold enough to say: 'In today's society there is a notion that lovers should not mind
the lover going off and making love with others; and this is promoted as a
spiritual or unconditioned love. It is absolute nonsense and is a notion created
by sexual man (and woman) to satisfy lusting without taking responsibility for love.'

Conscious Living Australia

In our postmodern world, the issue of gender has become another ground for polarised absolutes - women's issues and men's issues - where bodily identity is perceived to be the truth of our existence. And much value, intellectually, has
arisen from this, because it has allowed women to deconstruct the myths about them that patriarchal societies have perpetuated. But as is the case with any conceptual undertaking, this movement has led to the creation of other myths.
And the big one is that men and women, essentially, are fundamentally different.

So, Barry Long's recent book of letters addressed to men is a welcome antidote
to our modern myth-making. And it does so in a practical way. It starts with man
in his difference, which is really just the body-mind, and in showing with simple clarity what lies beyond the body-mind, Long takes man to his essential truth,
which is the truth of all life. Like all the great nondual teachers, Long says:

'The spiritual life is not a matter of doing, but of undoing ­ not giving in to the
human ignorance that moves everyone and spoils their lives. The will to continually dissolve one's self ­ by not attaching to the movement of the emotions while
being consciously present ­ eventually leads to the divine state of consciousness.'
(p. 40)

As is to be expected from Long's teachings, the letters are uncompromising in
their direct pointing to the truth of a particular problem. For example, the res-ponses to the problems of sex have a sound, commonsense, non-esoteric tone
to them. If one had to sum up the teachings in this regard, it is simply the exhortation to give up dishonesty and the fantasising of the mind, and to see directly in the moment where 'stillness is the way'.

Noumenon South Africa

Whatever comes from Barry I enjoy and the new book is no exception. I find it
very useful and clear. Also it addresses many issues in man's life.

But what really resonated in me was: I could see through the book how much
Barry has been helping people in many places with his teaching. The love and dedication in answering so many letters. I can imagine that the ones in the book
are only some of the many he has been receiving during so many years. I'm
really grateful for the privilege of having met Barry in my life.

I also resonate very deeply with the words of so many men that are looking for God. I felt them like brothers without knowing them. And some of the letters brought tears to my eyes.

Letter from a reader

Selected comments from reviews

The author conveys his teachings by answering letters from men requesting
spiritual guidance. The problems are real and gritty and the advice is direct
and principled.
Caduceus UK

The intimacy and honesty experienced between both the male questioner and
Barry Long presents a powerful storehouse of spiritual guidance and knowledge.
Golden Age Australia

Revealing, personal and honest, 'To Man In Truth' is full of practical insights on
how men can free themselves of self-denial and negative emotions and lead a
more enlightened life. It also shows what women should be asking of men during their journeys toward a more profound love.
The Planet Australia

This is Long's tenth book of spiritual exploration, and it's a fascinating one . . .
a lovely opportunity to get inside the minds of men and understand the issues
they are inquiring into in our complex world. Long's responses are equally
rewarding to read. His sometimes blunt words must have stung a few male egos, but at the same time his advice is profound. . .
Nova Holistic Journal Australia

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