'Only Fear Dies' is an extraordinary book that everyone - unhappy, resentful, depressed or just wishing to affirm their joy of life - should read. Barry Long's 'book of liberation' aims to break the chain of negativity and misery we, through generations of affirming the hopeless human plight, have been conditioned to believe, accept and attract. Referring to examples to underline his point, Long writes with a certain wit and clarity that wins the reader's approval immediately, despite some of his controversial arguments. His personification of feelings delivers a kind of immediate presence to his voice that makes one want to read on. 'Only Fear Dies' is about the birth and death of all things that make up an individual's life. Long suggests ways to be vulnerable to love, happiness and accept truth and responsibility for the self. Every avenue available to human consciousness has been unearthed and examined, dissected and analysed so that the reader may find contentment and love within his or herself and rejoice in new-found freedom.

The Planet Australia

Selected comments from the numerous other reviews of 'Only Fear Dies' :

Barry Long's writing is a wake up call to individuals who are only dreaming reality . . . This book offers helpful hints on breaking the trance and living life to its fullest. I personally don't agree with all of Barry's beliefs, but I found most of them refreshing and even liberating.
Magical Blend

'Only Fear Dies' shows how removal of the falsehood of the world uncovers the changeless beauty and joy of the earth in ourselves - the true source of well being.
Silver Cord Australia

Those who have heard Barry Long speaking live will find the same authenticity, power and directness in these pages. He has many valuable things to say and insights to share. . . This book is a good introduction to
one of Australia's few homegrown spiritual teachers.
The Adelaide Ray Australia

This is not an abstract philosophical treatise. The energy contained in this book has the empower to transform lives and Barry Long clearly shows the reader how to do this.
New Age Guardian Australia

The exercises and advice [in 'Only Fear Dies'] vibrate with the wisdom of a man who gave up family and career for the spiritual search and later became an 'enlightened man' facing the challenges of daily life.
Esotera Germany
from an article on Barry Long; refers to the English edition.

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