The myth that came to life

Barry Long

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First published 1984
by Routledge & Kegan Paul

Substantially revised edition
Barry Long Books 1998

A work of immense vision, spanning the universe to tell the story of existence. Barry Long's 'myth of life' takes us beyond the Big Bang, back through the human psyche to
visit our original place in eternity.

The cosmos, consciousness and the part
   we play.
Spiritual insight applied to the scientific    world-view.
A cosmology for Now (goes beyond the
   New Age).
Barry Long's master-work.

Revelatory, prophetic, inspirational, gnostic, incredible, astonishing, enlightening, life-changing, mind-blowing, preposterous, marvellous, essential - just some of the words that have been used about it.

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The Origins of Man and the Universe:
The Myth That Came to Life

The Origins of Man and the Universe:
The Myth That Came to Life
deep books (uk)

The Origins of Man and the Universe , or the 'myth that came to life', is the story of how we and the earth got here - from the Big Bang to the coming End of Time. Barry Long relates our inner life to the outer world in ways that draw us towards the solution of the ultimate puzzle: What's behind it all? What on earth are we doing here?

The author uses gnosis, or the knowledge of the unknown, to reveal the essentially simple structures that govern our complex existence and how
we fit into the universal scheme of things. He shows how a spiritual principle became intelligent flesh and blood; how existence is formed; how 'nothing' becomes 'something'. He reconciles the dilemmas of science and religion by transcending them.

This is metaphysics made meaningful through self-knowledge, not the abstractions of science or philosophy. The contents are completely original, rely on no other authority and are the product of a period of intense
spiritual realisation. Going further than science they are beyond proof, yet
are strangely compelling and convincing. In an appendix the author speaks about how he came to this knowledge and wrote it down.

Don't buy this book for a quick, easy read. Read it for eternity - literally, because that's what it's about.

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