This is a rich textbook from a mature spiritual teacher committed to the
realisation that the purpose of evolution at any time is to make life more conscious.


A profou
nd and spellbinding book by one of the world¹s great spiritual masters. Barry Long leads us courageously down philosophical and metaphysical paths
often thought of as too complex for the average person to understand. However,
the great gift of this book is that it makes these ideas accessible to everyone.
This book is destined to become a classic.

The Planet Australia

I have always had a liking for cosmology. When I was young I drunk long and
deep at the well of Blavasky's Secret Doctrine and scaled the heights of Kabbalah and Platonism. However, I came away unrefreshed. While I learned a lot about
root-races, cosmic cycles and the Sephiroth I still felt disconnected from the
spiritual worlds around me. While the theory may have been correct it was much like algebra or mathematics ‹ it described something else, but only described it. There was always a chasm between the object (me) and the subjects (the universe). It was hence with some trepidation I started to read 'The Origins of
Man and the Universe'. However, my fear soon turned to envy.

Here is a man who can not only turn a phrase but can make the most complex spiritual matters easily comprehended. Barry Long not only makes the spiritual verities understood but helps us gain a connection with them. His reference point
is humankind and hence every chapter brings home how the esoteric cosmologies can be applied to our lives, what they mean to us personally. There is no object-subject distinction here, no separation, only a sense of oneness and wonder.

Long writes in a smooth, easy to read manner and yet challenges us to think
deeply every step of the way. While he can easily be understood and
communicates beautifully, he does not speak down to us but entices us up to his level of comprehension. He offers useful illustrations, both in text and image, and has an honesty that is genuine and undoubtedly sincere.

Sure, there are lots of new age books on the market, lots of titles on cosmology
and where man has come from and where he has to go. But there are not many that really make a connection, that bring spirituality into the grasp of the seeker, that talk 'soul to soul' rather than analysing the universe like it's an equation.

Since everything is connected to everything else, only through a real appreciation
of where we are in the universe can we understand ourselves and I, for one,
came away from this book with a deeper understanding and a great sense of enrichment.

The Independent Review & New Dawn Australia

Nova Holistic Journal of Western Australia listed 'The Origins of Man and the Universe' as one of the best books of 1998 and made the following comments:

The highest compliment that I can pay this book is to compare it favourably with
Ken Wilbur's 'A Brief History of Everything'. 'The Origins' is completely different in content and approach, but as riveting, empowering and wondrous in essence as
that other wise volume.

This is one of those books that you will keep on your book shelves for a very
long time, reading it through and then dipping in from time to time for a closer look.

Comments from 'New Age Guardian':

A vivid portrait of how our universe came into being and how evolution really works.
Compared to what's in this book, the theories of astrophysics are just mathematical games.
Radically shifts the perception of its readers about what we see 'out there'.
If anything is a proof of the old maxim 'as within, so without', this book is it.
Marks a shift in our collective unconscious . . . will probably stand for decades
to come as an influence on the way we look at life.

From an article about Barry Long published in 'Polku' magazine (Finland):

'The Origins of Man and the Universe' is a vibrant vision of the cosmos, the
evolution of life and consciousness, the development of idea into matter and the enrichment of matter into human form. The author himself describes his book as
a mythical journey deep into the psyche, back into a space before the beginning
of time. According to him the only language which has sufficient truth to reveal
the amazing origins of man and the universe is the language of myth. Barry Long describes man as a myth that has come to life in the context of earthbound
sensory life. Primarily man is a myth of two principles or ideas conceived in the mind of God: the principles of man and woman. The long journey of these two principles from the first life forms into conscious human beings is still unfinished
and each individual's spiritual awakening is a part of that journey.

From a reader in Boston, USA; contributed to

Whether or not I 'liked' this book is irrelevant! The fact is that it is helping to
awaken me from the self-ish ignorance of my mind, our society, our culture, and our evolutionary history. Having already read it several times through, with a still mind, it has enlightened several spiritual ideas in my consciousness. This work is nothing less than the mythic revelation of the cosmos in contemporary scientific language. It is the timeless 'logos' in the language of our times; a psycho-spiritual Master-piece; the word of God written through man the master. Mr Long's words guide the still mind and present consciousness on an inward mytho-scientific
journey through the habitual ignorance of the selfish psyche back to its divine origins. I have not yet completed this journey and will continue to read it until I do, but I have realized the idea of what Mr Long is doing. From this place of love and truth I commend this book to you. You may not 'like' it, but if you are ready it will help to enlighten your consciousness and reveal some original truth to you.

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