'Death is the culminating experience of living, the ultimate opportunity to
perceive for yourself the whole truth behind existence.'

This cassette recording is an unusual and masterly presentation of the facts of
death looked at from several viewpoints. Barry Long speaks to those of us who
are alive and well and encourages us to face up to death now. Death too easily becomes something that happens to other people, or their loved ones. But when
it happens to us, to our loved ones, how quickly are we torn apart. This is because instead of looking at the reality of death as factual and purposeful we have
digested so many fears and superstitions, These engulf us from our subconscious mind and the beauty and simplicity of death escapes us. Furthermore Barry
insists that you cannot understand death without understanding love.

We should teach the truth about death to children. This part of the tape with its imaginary conversation between an adult and a child I find most inspired. If we
love our children we will not hide the realities of life and death from them.

Barry also speaks to those who are mourning a loved one. He looks at their pain with them, explaining the process they are going through. He shows how emotion comes and goes - how its intensity is relative to their living in the past, imagining their loved ones as they used to be. There is another way - choose love through
the living presence of the loved one who cannot die.

Finally he speaks with much love to those who are dying now. The art of dying
is to go consciously: 'To die conscious, that is, in the state of immortal love or complete understanding of love and its purpose, is to become a crossing for
others between the two worlds ...' Dying is the other side of birth and is itself a
new birth.

Barry's central concern is to introduce the listener to the profundity and beauty
of death and the dying process; to encourage clarity of mind and a psyche free
of superstitions and above all to invoke that love which conquers all the illusions
of finiteness.

Rev. Martin Nathanael
Writing in Radionics Quarterly UK 1983
when the original cassette was first released.

© The Barry Long Trust