You have to rid yourself of unhappiness. There's a big ball of it in everyone,
already formed, a residue being overlaid and added to everyday. The body can cope with just so much of it but can't cope with it all. Your normal pure sex-energy, the reproductive energy that comes up every second, up through the earth - that energy can dissolve the emotion in you. But if you are manufacturing more
emotion every day, as people normally do, the body's system just can't cope with it.

So what do you do?

In the first instance you begin to meditate. And you practise the conscious meditation I've been teaching you. You go around the body, putting the consciousness through it, and you drop the tension down. You release it and let
it fall down to where the body can deal with it naturally. The stomach deals with emotion just like it deals with your food: you don't have to worry about it.

Also you have to live rightly; which means living with as little emotion as you can. By not adding more you help your system.

In your daily life you must learn to 'see through' the things that previously made you emotional. You become less emotionally involved in the life around you. So
you don't go on building up that ball of unhappiness.

And because you are not manufacturing so much emotion every day your natural reproductive energy doesn't have to work so hard at dispelling it so it gets the opportunity to actually dissolve some of the residual unhappiness.

When you make love, you must make love rightly. Which means you take the unhappiness out of making love by being stiller and stiller in yourself, by simply being, without trying. This releases passion, divine passion in man and woman - a new consciousness.

And you reduce the unhappiness by loving yourself. If you feel any love or beauty, then give thanks to God or life or truth. Send the waves of beauty and sweetness down through yourself. That communicates to the love within and helps to reduce the ball of emotion.

Be as easy as you can. The important thing is not to make more unhappiness.

from "Stillness Is the Way" - Chapter 29 / pp 239-40

© Barry Long

© The Barry Long Trust