A selection of comments from reviews:

Barry Long shows he understands woman and her struggles, joy and expression
of true love. . . Every woman will recognise herself in at least one of the letters
and find truth in the replies.
Earth Mother Australia

This book isn't only for women -men will also discover something about both themselves and women.
The Planet Australia

A work of honesty and love that will talk to many.
Adyar Book News Australia

Utterly unsentimental . . . Long's replies are often unexpected, sometimes controversial, always full of insight.
Kindred Spirit UK

An intriguing and intimate selection of letters and accounts about what women
go through in facing the truth about love.
Nature and Health Australia

It's interesting to read the diversity of women's problems in love and relationships and just how these problems effect their lives. If you have problems like these in your life, reading this book will show you that you're far from alone, and the author's replies may well be of great comfort and help to you.
Living Now Australia

So deep and wide in its content that one can read it over and over again and find new realisations every time.
Polku Finland (about the Finnish edition)

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