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This compilation of short pieces, written during the 1980's by well-known spiritual teacher Barry Long functions as an overview of his teachings and according to the publicity as a practical manual for spiritual life in the contemporary world.

Having heard his teaching from time to time over the past few years I am
delighted that there is now such a comprehensive overview of them; Barry Long's writings, for instance on time, meditation, making love, channelling, psychic 'pathways', and prayer, are quite extraordinary and often challenging. Although
I've only read this book once I will say that i found it very practical in the sense
of clear and simple description and instruction. For me though, it offers something else: a welcome contact with a real teacher, with Guru.

Simplicity seems to be one of Barry Long's skills. His whole approach to spirituality appears profoundly simple in fact - which may of course put many people off -
there is no belief system involved, no faith required, no learning of mantras and
the like, no church to build and no high priest or priestess to mediate between you and the Divine. Simply the clear instructions for genuine self-discovery. Aaahh. . .

One important aspect of the teachings is to do with the apparently never-ending condition of human unhappiness which, we are told, is the result of 'losing touch
with the truth of yourself', or, put another way, living from the mental body. Stillness appears to be the route back into that truth, but before any instruction
in meditation is given we are taken on a journey which delves into the difference between life and living, between power and force, what Guru really means, and
the myth of life on planet earth.

Barry Long's instructions in meditation are clear and simple (are you surprised?) and he also discusses why we need to meditate and what 'right' meditation is. In
this same section there are also penetrating commentaries on tension, habit, thinking about the past, worry and emotional relationships. Another quite large section of the book is devoted to the subject of 'spiritual pathways and teachings. Barry Long's words here are, of course, as direct as in any other section - he doesn't offer 'maybe' or 'probably' to camouflage reality as he sees it. His words may be unpalatable to some!

'The Way In' is one of the real books. In my opinion it is of immense value and will genuinely help people in the way it has been designed to do. I'm glad it landed on my desk!

Reviewed by Nikki Francis

From New Vision (UK)

This book may not be any easy read. Many will find it controversial. I do however recommend it. It is not for the spiritually complacent. Barry Long gets to the heart of the matter. Love him or hate him it would be foolish to ignore him. If nothing
else he makes the reader rethink his or her values. That in itself is a useful exercise.

'The Way In' is an anthology of the author's writings from the 1980's. His style is simple and direct with no excess padding. If you want a new perspective on the spiritual path, meditation. prayer, channelled teachings, life, the world and God
and much more, this is the book for you.

Accept or reject its contents, your spiritual outlook will never be quite the same again. Whilst I was reading his words I felt that Barry Long was getting right to the core of the problem - myself. The first of his Twenty Articles is 'The truth every
man and woman seeks is in themselves'. So easy at times to forget.

Selected comments from other reviews

In today's tragic materialistic climate, using the word Master or Guru is pretty
much taboo. Yet any person who reads this book will come to see that Masters
do exist among us as the voice that speaks to all who truly come to listen.
Golden Age Australia.

The Truth - Plain and Simple. Some of these truths are difficult to accept, only because of the conditioning we are all exposed to from birth. This book will remind you of what you have always known to be true and will help you discard the false.
Reader's comment:
Joel Saxton, Venice, Ca.
from - May 17, 2001

In parts of the book the interactive nature of the writing requires that you attempt certain exercises in order to read on. In this regard this book succeeds where
many fail.
New Age Guardian Australia

'The Way In' is highly recommended, enlightening and metaphysically inspired reading for students of spirituality and those who seek spiritually based self-knowledge.
Midwest Book Review, Oregon & Wisconsin USA

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